Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tech pack?

A tech pack is an information sheet that designers create to communicate with a manufacturer all the necessary components needed to construct a garment. Typically designers will include measurements, materials, Pantone colours, trim, hardware, grading, labels, tags, etc. If you were to design a collection, a tech pack would be needed for each style. Multiple colour variations can be added to one tech pack but if the design is altered then a new tech pack is required. This minimises mistakes in the early stages and ensures you receive the best first samples so the chance of changes at a later stage is reduced.

How much does a tech pack cost?

I charge £150 per tech pack but this depends on the complexity of the design. The simpler the design, the lower the cost. Multiple designs can be discounted, I’m happy to discuss your requirements.

How long does it take to complete a design and tech pack?

This depends on how much work I have at the time and how big your project is. With a new client, I like to allow a couple of days to complete the first tech pack to ensure all information is in order.

Have you worked with sustainable fabrics?

I have in my recent work and it’s something that the fashion industry is waking up to, of course the more sustainable your design the better. Options to consider are pigments from plants for dying instead of toxic chemicals and whether there is a recyclable fabric option for you to create an eco-friendly garment.

What is the payment process?

Once I have received all information from you (inspiration images/ garment for measurements if needed/ digital prints) and a total amount and payment method are agreed (a 50% deposit is required), then I will complete the work. I will notify you when this is done and request the remaining payment via Paypal and I will send you the files immediately. Please note if there is a time difference, files will be sent between 8am-8pm. For longer projects I can keep you updated with progress and can answer any questions via email during this time.

What information do you require to get started?

As much as you can provide, so any website links, inspiration imagery, some copy about your brand and who your customer is. If you’re unsure, we can perhaps arrange a skype/ phone call to assess your requirements.