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Sustainable Fashion, why it matters

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Does anybody else get a dopamine hit right before their children’s bedtime as the excitement of being able to eat the snacks you’ve been hiding edges closer? No, me neither.

If you saw on my Instagram stories last week, Mabel hadn’t been herself and I’d sat down to write this post when my eyes just suddenly shut and I was asleep. So a few days later than planned, Mabel’s fine and I’m able to get typing.

Sustainable, eco, conscious, green, considered and environmentally friendly, just a few buzzwords that are becoming more familiar within retail (and Google) right now.

The supply chain is something that has always fascinated me within the fashion industry, the amount of people it takes to bring a garment to the shop floor or more so a screen from just a sketch is a lot.

You've got to sketch it, cad it, make a first sample, fit it, amend the pattern, repeat this process until the fit is right, source and dye the fabric and components, manufacture then quality control, pack and send to it's destination where it's checked, has a photoshoot, lives in a warehouse until it's neatly packed and ready to arrive to a shop floor or door step, where it is either loving received or returned and eventually worn and recycled (hopefully).

'The challenges can seem insurmountable. Global textile production emits 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases annually, more than international flights and maritime shipping combined.' - Vogue (link below)

This blog is not about preaching anything, I recently purchased a knockout pink cardigan from Zara, not the most natural of colours and I’m now thinking the dying process is likely to have a few more chemicals involved that just beetroot and a walnut.

Harriet Goodings wearing a pink cardigan
Here is said cardigan, yes Mabel's room does have the best lighting.

If you are looking to be more considered in your retail shopping, here's a couple of tips to think about:

1. #30wears - can you wear something 30 times?

2. Shop Vintage

3. Donate your unwanted clothes

4. Quality over quantity

This is a pretty massive topic and not one that a 2 min blog can cover completely, but I hope that this has brought the issue to your attention and see below some brands that are transparent in their approach producing clothing.

A few brands that are riding the sustainability wagon:

If you want more info:

I've also recently partnered up with Ecologi to help reduce the fashion industries impact on the environment. Learn more about how i'm ensuring sustainability is at the heart of my design process.

Got an idea for a sustainable brand, then book your free 20 minute consultation today to speak to me about recycled fabrics and how i can help you.


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