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This blog post has been re-written on three separate occasions with varying content, it’s gone 10:30pm but as a parent to an early rising heavy footed toddler, every minute of shut eye counts and this is the time that the house is relatively peaceful. However, Jonathan has commented on the aggressive nature of my typing, is anyone else at that level of lockdown yet?

I’ve drunk my weight in tea, binge watched Tiger King on Netflix, facetimed the family and now I find my days filled with negotiating snacks with a nearly two year old and watching copious amounts of Peppa Pig. My creativity and patience is being tested in abundance, so far I’ve whipped up a farm theme day, crafts for all occasions, water and mud activities and an impromptu afternoon tea. Not forgetting the failsafe sofa softplay and PE with Joe Wicks when there’s energy to burn.

I have so much respect for everyone doing his or her bit in this incredibly weird time. The word uncertain has been so overused in describing this Coronavirus lockdown but for lack of a better word, uncertain it is. Like many, anxiety has been on high and I’ve found myself having to use a variety of management techniques to be able to see some perspective. Writing things down always helps, as well as some exercise (although after one run my body has taken a battering and now needs a week to recover). Reading before bed is also a chance to switch my mind off from worrying and into something else completely.

Slight tangent, I'm unsure whether it is a help or not to make purchases online which are considered 'non-essential'? but Mabel's toes are at the top of her shoes and retailers still seem to be delivering so I've attempted to order a couple of pairs of shoes whilst guest-imating the sizes. I ordered a metallic silver pair of sandals from H&M and some white lace textured trainers from M&S which I'm hoping will be enough for pondering round the garden and slow dog walks.

I am exceptionally grateful for being able to stay at home with my family, however much I miss the grandparents and Mabel's childminder. It's not forever so please stay at home.

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  • Harriet Goodings

Some recommendations for when you're probably stuck inside and avoiding any more talk of Coronavirus.

In light of events, flights and mass gatherings being cancelled (and Mabel being with my mum for the day), I wanted to share some updates and recommendations for when you're done working from home.


I do love a podcast, I tend to listen to a mixture of start-up work topics, interviews and absolute nonsense. So here are a couple from my subscribe list:

Women in Business, in particular: Fear of Failure with Stacey Dooley and Ebony Rainford-Brent (6th Jan)

Ellie and Anna Have Issues, it's lighthearted, funny/I've 'lolled' a few times in public listening to this.


Little Smiths - An award winning Norwich-based gift shop full of unique handmade goodies. (@littlesmithsnorfolk)

Ace & Prince - A online lifestyle brand that that I've recently discovered through instagram (@aceandprince) and have many tote bags on my wishlist!


I'm a sucker for anything call the midwife-esque and with more frequent visits to the library since having a nearly 2-year-old I picked one up called 'Shoes Were For Sunday'. It's a delightful read.

The Middle (on Amazon Prime) - 20 Minute episodes with a modern family vibe, it's easy watching and Sue Heck is by far the best character.

If you have any questions that relate to being a 'start up' business or what the first step is in starting a brand, feel free to message me via the website link or share this email with a friend :D I'll be updating my services this week on the site and will publish them shortly.

Have a good week!

Thanks, Harriet x

I received an email newsletter from yesterday celebrating female fashion designers for International Women’s Day, I love this notion of highlighting some of the industries phenomenal women so I’ve adopted the idea and created a blog version of some of my personal favs. I'm aware that a 2 min read won't do them justice but in my mind they are creative heroines and exceptional role models to the next generation of designers.

My top 4:

GANNI - Ditte Reffstrup

She heads the brand that has a cult following of #GanniGirls, champions sustainable fashion and is redefining Scandi style. Reffstrup's vision for the brand is romantic, ruffled, unafraid of quirkiness and has made Ganni a womenswear world-beater.

My view: I’d happily wear Ganni all day everyday whilst fashioning the undone, done but cool but effortless exterior whilst eating, sleeping and designing Ganni. You get the jist.


'My inspirations come from the women that I meet from day to day in real life and also from fantasy women. I think we all have this sort of fantasy women in our [subconsciousness]. I also keep a notebook with me so I can jot down ideas and sketches wherever I go.' Read Here

My View: Alessandra's collections, the styling and the imagery are undeniably breathtaking, there's newness injected into garments with a vintage reference. So chic and so effing cool.


'I learned a lot about craftsmanship, detailing and that you shouldn’t be afraid to be feminine and romantic in your approach, which for me is so important to carry on in my brand today… but also to mix it with the minimalistic Scandinavian aesthetic that I grew up with.'

My View: A brand that always captures my attention on Instagram, the images have a sombre vibe whilst the garment texture makes me want to reach in and touch it. Exquisitely crafted, my mind can't help but wonder how many hours goes into each piece.

MAKI OH - Maki Osakwe

Osakwe often uses her collections to reexamine the notion of sensuality and the nuances of the female form—vulnerable and strong (

My View: Relatively new on my radar but one that's caught my eye, her collections combine tailoring, satin, print and embellishments, another collection I just want to feel the textures and appreciate the craftsmanship.

If it was a little earlier in the evening I would continue to write about Stella McCartney, Simone Rocha and Molly Goddard but I have a toddler who really enjoys waking up in the early hours and testing my eyelids functionality. If Mabel does move on from testing my sleep boundaries I think I'll point her in the direction of a series of books called 'Fantastically Great Women Who Changed The World', no doubt they would be smeared with cheerios and used as a plate to feed the dog her leftovers. All in good toddler time!

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