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Setting Up A Successful Fashion Brand

If you're new here, I'd like to re-introduce myself - I'm Harriet

Fashion designer and tech pack specialist

I'm very fortunate to love what I do, that is, designing clothing collections, be it an established brand or a start up, my aim is always to create flattering styles that appeal to the customer and most importantly - sell.

"Good design is good business' - Thomas Watson Jr

Why do I freelance? Simply, it fits around family life. The flexibility that being self-employed creates just works for us. Since setting up in 2019, I've worked with a variety of start-ups globally whose products have included childrenswear, petwear, activewear, swimwear and scrubs. My specialism is womenswear and whilst designing for a successful online womenswear brand - Three Floor for seven years, I learnt a lot about the fundamentals and running of a fashion business which now is priceless experience I can utilise when assisting clients.

Fashion designer and mannequin

It can be easy to get overwhelmed when seeing what is involved in starting an apparel brand. There are many things to consider such as tech packs, production, samples, fabric.. where will this be sourced? Can my manufacturer help with fabric sourcing? What if I want to create my own fabric and what are the costs involved? As well as drawing up the ideas onto a CAD design, I can also assist with consulting throughout the start up process.

See my services and pricing page to see what is included in each package.

Fashion sketches

Ready to get started?

If you are considering launching a clothing brand and you're not quite sure where to begin, message me through the contact form to set up a free 20min phone/zoom consultation

(dogs welcome), we can discuss your ideas, target customer and timeline as well as any concerns or limitations you have to get your brand in motion.

If this was in any way helpful to you, please leave a comment or find me on instagram @harrietgoodingsdesign


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