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Writing the perfect design brief

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

During the process of getting the designs in your head made into clothes, communication is key at every step. A great tech pack can ensure everything goes to plan at the manufacturing stage.

In order to ensure that the perfect tech pack can be created for your needs, a solid, carefully thought out design brief is key. Having this document is not only useful for communicating effectively with a clothing designer, but is great to have throughout the process, such as when deciding on an approach for branding and marketing as it requires a honing of your brand vision.

In general, the rule for a great design brief is the more information, the better the outcome. Bullet points can be an effective way to communication this. Here are the most essential bits of information to include in a design brief:

  1. How many designs are needed

  2. The nature of the designs

  3. Who the customer will be

  4. Inspirations

  5. Colour and fabric preferences

  6. The project deadline

Below is an example design brief based on an imaginary client designing the three looks below taken from Versace Spring 1994 Ready-to-wear:

Example design brief


  • This collection requires 5 designs: two skirts, one blazer, one top, one dress

  • The pieces I have designed are a navy pinstripe skirt suit, a lace top, a black skirt and a navy dress which is assembled through the fastening of large gold safety pins to either side of a long slit that runs through the dress.


  • The customer likes luxury, they appreciate attention to detail and high quality materials and finishes. They are in their 20s-40s sophisticated and want to feel both powerful and sexy in their clothing.


  • Drawing on Versace fall 1992, this collection is powerful and seductive but less dramatic with a softer, innocent side

  • Celebration of female sexual expression

  • Gold details used by Chanel an inspiration.


  • Navy pinstripe

  • White lace

  • Black

  • Navy

  • Minimalist, the only print for this collection is pinstripe.


This collection needs to be released in August. I have a manufacturer abroad, and the lead time is around 4 months once the items go into development. I will need the tech pack by 7th of March so that these pieces can be produced in good time before the launch.

This post was created by guest writer - Isabel Dernedde


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