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Lockdown With A Toddler

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

This blog post has been re-written on three separate occasions with varying content, it’s gone 10:30pm but as a parent to an early rising heavy footed toddler, every minute of shut eye counts and this is the time that the house is relatively peaceful. However, Jonathan has commented on the aggressive nature of my typing, is anyone else at that level of lockdown yet?

I’ve drunk my weight in tea, binge watched Tiger King on Netflix, facetimed the family and now I find my days filled with negotiating snacks with a nearly two year old and watching copious amounts of Peppa Pig. My creativity and patience is being tested in abundance, so far I’ve whipped up a farm theme day, crafts for all occasions, water and mud activities and an impromptu afternoon tea. Not forgetting the failsafe sofa softplay and PE with Joe Wicks when there’s energy to burn.

I have so much respect for everyone doing his or her bit in this incredibly weird time. The word uncertain has been so overused in describing this Coronavirus lockdown but for lack of a better word, uncertain it is. Like many, anxiety has been on high and I’ve found myself having to use a variety of management techniques to be able to see some perspective. Writing things down always helps, as well as some exercise (although after one run my body has taken a battering and now needs a week to recover). Reading before bed is also a chance to switch my mind off from worrying and into something else completely.

Slight tangent, I'm unsure whether it is a help or not to make purchases online which are considered 'non-essential'? but Mabel's toes are at the top of her shoes and retailers still seem to be delivering so I've attempted to order a couple of pairs of shoes whilst guest-imating the sizes. I ordered a metallic silver pair of sandals from H&M and some white lace textured trainers from M&S which I'm hoping will be enough for pondering round the garden and slow dog walks.

I am exceptionally grateful for being able to stay at home with my family, however much I miss the grandparents and Mabel's childminder. It's not forever so please stay at home.

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