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Why I Refocused My Creative Attention


I can’t express enough how much I love(d) Edition 12, a brand dedicated to dog collars and leashes designed for the discerning pup and owner. Beautifully crafted with attention to detail and all the ‘cool pups’ wearing them.

I had made minimal investments financially, spending only on materials, tools and images and making savings by producing/designing/running the company in house (I had an intern to help with producing orders for a short time). This was my ‘side-hustle’ alongside working full-time so it’s probably clear that throwing a baby into the mix was going to shake things up a bit.

Edition 12 got to a stage of needing some investment in manufacturing to be able to compete with the rapidly growing pet industry. It was at this point that my priorities changed and ultimately changing my business plan was the best thing to do.

The two biggest mistakes I made:

1. Opened a Ltd company instead of sole trader.

I think I originally done this because you pay less tax and if the company went bust the debt would belong to the company and not me. This is tripe, if you borrow money, lenders are going to want it back so I was mis-informed at this point. In order to change to sole trader, I would have had to close the company and re-open as a sole-trader. Ltd companies also pay corporation tax and have more paperwork so it’s worth checking which option is best suited to your company.

2. There’s a certain amount of trial and error:

but it doesn’t mean you have to reinvent the wheel. If it doesn’t work, move on quickly. Progress is progress and you will always learn something.

Inevitably, design is my biggest passion, be it dog clothing, womenswear, kidswear or activewear. I love the challenge of creating a garment that makes a difference to the wearer in how it makes them feel. What I love about freelancing (aswell as the variety and flexibility) is that I only need my laptop and a tape measure and can work with brands all over the world. I’m so grateful to have a ‘skill’ that allows me to do this.

I would never discourage anyone from pursuing their dream business as it's the ultimate way to learn, but always do your research.

Click the link below to view Edition 12's brand pack


Do you have a pet wear brand or are thinking of producing pet products - I would love to discuss your ideas!

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